Spiritual Direction

I am a traveler, a journeyer, a person who is constantly on his way to his destination with the Creator. But this journey I don’t walk alone, nor do I walk it with just my Savior. There have been a lot of buzz words in both the business and religious worlds the past several years-mentoring, discipling, understudy, spiritual direction, life and leadership coaching, developer, etc. Though they may sound very similar in their function and potentially in their form, they each have a very unique and specific purpose.

The two types of relationships that have had the most impact for me have been leadership coaching and spiritual direction. They have had the most impact in my development as a follower of Jesus. Again, they are different in their function and form. The people fulfilling these roles for me are leaders that I’ve allowed to speak into my life. I am so very thankful for them and I believe they are so very necessary in our lives today. I would argue that both of these are needed. And, from my perspective, spiritual direction is unique in comparison to the rest of these.

Most of these are ways to improve our doing.

Spiritual Direction is about our being

Doing is important-it is using all of who we are in Christ to lead others to Him, while being is important- knowing who we are in Christ. If we are too imbalanced with one over the other,  it can cause us to be without exercising our gifts, and do to the point that it leads to self dependence and burn out. Being is really the foundation that God leads us to initially. I have met people who have served overseas, have been pastors, or served in a church for decades. Yet, they don’t fully understand who they are in Christ…they don’t fully understand what it means to be. If we don’t fully understand this, then how can we fully do in all the ways God has made, wired, skilled and gifted us?

Because of this, I provide spiritual direction. I have done this in person, which is always preferred, and I have done this through various technology platforms for those who may live in another part of the North America or overseas. If you are interested in spiritual direction, or simply would like to know more about it, please contact me so that we may begin a dialogue. I would love to explore this great sacred tradition with you. Blessings!