Hey, I’m JB. I’m fascinated by interesting people, interesting places, new experiences and learning. I love to hear the stories of others’ lives and experiences, and if given the chance, to share mine as well. No matter what you “do” or “who” you are, you are interesting because your life is different-You are You.

Part of my desire is to help others grasp and believe Who they are, How they are wired, the Passions they have and Gifts they’ve been given. It’s to help them realize what true Freedom is in these things. And, it’s to Equip them for their journey in life. I have done this through coffee roasting, spiritual directing, being involved in recovery and being me. This is my desire because others have done this and continue to do  this for me. Take what you think is useful and leave the rest.

What you’ll find here is a bit about my continual journey in life, books, leadership, vulnerability, faith, recovery, cross-cultural living, spiritual direction, specialty coffee, and other things. I hope this is a convergence of our paths and the beginnings of conversations of how we can grow.

Here’s a Brief Bio–

I grew up on a farm in North Central Ohio, USA. I met Iris, my wife, at university in Georgia (though she’s from Pennsylvania). From there we’ve traveled and lived in a few different countries on a few different continents, most recently Russia for 10 years, Mongolia for a couple and have recently transitioned back to the States with our three awesome kids. I continue to learn from them and Iris on a daily basis!