What I’ve read the past year….

Normally, I would have a long list of books that I have read. Normally. But this 2017 was  a long, very abnormal year. Moving back to the States, finding a new job, then finding a new ministry and relocating across country….sadly, this has left my schedule and “normal” rhythm on the back burner…much like my writing the past three months.  I have noticed this has affected me in my own growth. All this to say, these books I would recommend, and I would love to see your lists for 2018! My “to read” list for this year is already quite lengthy, but I’m up for putting more on it! I desire to see God and the world from others perspectives as much as I can so that my understanding of both would become deeper, fuller and richer.

So, with that, bring on your lists!

be blessed today

Love, Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life-Henri Nouwen

24/6-Matthew Sleeth, MD

Telling Secrets: A Memooir- Frederick Buechner

The Insanity of God- Nik Ripken

Perre Teilhard De Chardin: Selected Writings- Ursula King





3 thoughts on “What I’ve read the past year….

  1. With the leading 4 bible studies and my personal study my passion for reading has been nonexistent. Unfortunately this falls in the sad category because I have a strong passion for reading. The only reading I do is bible and necessary resource material for the study. I am, however, resolving to change that in 2018.
    One book I read last year was “Chasing God” a very powerful book for defining our journey.
    I will send you a list later. I want to get more involved into Exegesis and Hermeneutics so that will be part of my list. I also want to get back to my writing, I miss that part of my journey.

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  2. rod says:

    Here is my top 11 from Last year…Miss you my friend

    Hillbilly Elegy ~ J.D. Vance
    The Glass Castle ~ Jeanette Walls
    The Vanishing American Adult ~ Benn Sasse
    Radical Candor ~ Kim Scott
    Barking Up the Wrong Tree ~ Eric Barker
    The Ideal Team Player ~ Patrick Lencioni
    Necessary Endings (for the 2nd time) ~ Henry Cloud
    The Insanity of God ~ Nik Ripken
    Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less ~ Greg Mckeown
    A. B. Simpson: His Message and Impact on the Third Great Awakening ~ Michael Yount
    The Hit Makers ~ Derek Thompson

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    • Wow, yo. That’s a great list. Neccessary Endings was needed in my time (leaving Russia). Radical, Barking and Essentialism are all on my 2018 list! But thanks for the rest of these!!


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