When We Become Yesterday’s News…

We all went on a hike as a family a few days ago. On the top of a mountain, walking the trail around, we had gorgeous views and bright, beautiful sunshine. The pines and Eastern Washington weather made for a good little hike. Though the top of the mountain was fairly flat, the edge of the trail was edged with, well, nothing. It was a cliff. Not a tall one, but at least a 40 feet drop, but far enough to cause a parent to worry. I am all for my kids being curious, getting close to the edge to get a bit of that rush feeling, but also within arms reach so I can keep a hand close to them in case they get a little too close.

So, I let them entertain their curiosity, me keeping close and keeping a close eye on what they were doing. Why? So they wouldn’t fall. Why wouldn’t I just let them fall? That seems like an odd question, right? I think anyone reading this would understand why I was keeping such a close watch on my kids, why I wouldn’t them to fall, right? It’s because we all understand that I love my kids, I cherish my kids, I want to protect my kids. I value my kids. They are valuable to me.

And there it is.

Last time I wrote about being important. How being important was something external. That we are constantly trying to get accolades or approval from other people. Being important is something you must achieve and constantly strive to keep up. But that can, and usually does, imprison people and hold them down because there is the expectation that either you keep up with it, or you fall to the side and fall out of importance. People can lose importance. We can lose our status. One definition I read said that important is “having relevant value.” And if you stop being relevant?

Being valuable is different. Yes, things can lose their monetary value. But we can never become less valuable to God. We aren’t a thing that needs to continue to be relevant in order for God to pay attention to us or to continue in relationship. No, we are something much greater-we are valuable. Valuable, by the same dictionary, “is having great value.” Even more than gold, or platinum. We are called children, sons, daughters, made a little lower than the angels as it says in Hebrews 2. Being valuable is all in the eye of the beholder. And since our Beholder is God, we don’t ever lose value.  Since we are at the apple of His eye, I’d say we are in a place of the deepest of relationships.

No ladders to be climbed to Him. No need for constant applause and cheap token awards. The Creator, the Builder values us above all other creation. I hope this finds you where you need to hear it today. I know I needed to.

be blessed today


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