Are you Important?

There are some people who want to be important. I don’t think this is everyone, maybe it is. But, there is at least a fairly large group of people that has a great desire to be important. Sometimes this thrusts them into the woes of politics. Sometimes it thrusts them into higher education in order to teach. Sometimes it thrusts them into the business world, to reach the top of their game.

I know my desire, or more accurately, I know when I give into that desire wholly, it usually doesn’t end well. Actually, I don’t think it has ever ended well. My desire of importance cannot be internally fed. It has to be externally fed. Accolades, “at-a-boys,” and ladders to be climbed or the things I strive for. I am still tempted for those things. But I am not really desiring being important, at least not anymore.

Relationship, which is really what we are all desiring, has nothing with being important. Being important is when a group of people proclaim that you are important. It’s when a group of people give importance to something. But relationship, at least deep lasting relationship, isn’t based on being important.

Important is us striving to become and then maintain that level of being important. God does not view us that way, we aren’t important. No, we are something far greater than important. I’ll write more on that in the next post, but for now, know you don’t have to strive anymore. May you find freedom in that.

be blessed today


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