I have six more years until my oldest is out of the house on his way to college. Eight more years with my middle child and 10 more with my youngest. And it seems like just yesterday they were born, wrapped up in those tight blankets, caps on their heads, new baby smell. But my time with them, here in this house, is fleeting. Each day it doesn’t feel like it, but come the end of the school year, I’ll look back and wonder where all the time went. I love that they are growing up, becoming more independent, becoming more of who God created them to be. But I hate it all at the same time.

I wrote earlier about the inward, downward journey. How we need not find roots in prestige and salary and title, but in God. How do we do this? By finding the “eternal in the midst of the temporary” as Henri Nouwen writes. He goes on, “to touch what remains in what passes and to love the ever living God in the love of the quickly passing family of people.” To be rooted, truly rooted, is to be rooted in God and in His people, in each other. If God created the world and everything in it, then everything bears a fingerprint of Who God is, His character. And if the things of this world are temporary, a preamble if you will, to eternity, then we can find the eternal in the midst of the temporary. In what is passing, we can touch the “ever living God.” To be rooted in God, ultimately, is to be rooted in others as well. He created us for community, communion with Him and with each other. The Body of Christ. The Church.

I know I struggle with seeing the eternal in each day I live, in each moment. I get caught up in things that are rooting me here, to this temporal place and not in the eternal One. I pray that today I may find the eternal in the temporary, in the passing. I pray we all will.

be blessed today


Photo Credit: John Coplans, Interlocking Fingers No. 6, 1999

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