What Happened Last Week?

Storytime!!!!!! So, how about it? Is God in your mundane life? Or does He even care about your boring life? Or, is your life so crazy running here and there, that He can’t possible have anything to do in the midst of all that…only when you set aside separate time for Him?

 Last week, I wrote about God in the mundane. If He’s even there, that is. In those routine parts of life like punching numbers, checking over the next item that comes down the conveyor line, or in running your kids to the next practice. And I asked that we all join in the experiment to simply reflect and ask Go what He has for us in the mundane tasks of our lives. Washing the dishes, cleaning the house, driving to work, mowing the lawn, at work, etc., and then share about your experience here. So, did you? What did you find? What happened?

I don’t want to ask too many leading questions as if to say that some astounding booming voice spoke as the heavens came down and parted your dishwater soap bubbles…no, no, no…it may have been that. Or perhaps you were just aware of your surroundings for the first time. Perfectly present where you were in space and time. That, my friends, is one incredible gift just as much as hearing His audible voice. 

So please share. Please tell what happened, your truth in how you felt, your experience, your thoughts. By sharing with each other we encourage one another as the Body does. As the Church does. Growing our understanding of God, our understanding of self and our understanding of self in Christ. So fill the comments with words of what happened in your life…a testament of you in Him!

Be blessed today

Photo Credit: http://www2.youseemore.com/chippewa/contentpages.asp?loc=46

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