Where Are You Headed?

There’s a major holiday coming up here this coming week and the preparations in the city have begun. Most people will be heading out of the city to the countryside. Many businesses are closing their doors for a week and so are we. We are preparing on heading out, going West, seeing a bit of the countryside we have never seen. Hot springs, glacier fed lakes, dirt paths roads, sleeping in tents, hiking down trails-all part of the adventure.

As I started making a mental list today, pulling out some gear to check over, it got me thinking about the journeys and trips we have been on. For me, a lot of the excitement and enjoyment is the prep work that goes into it. Planning where we are going, how we’ll get there, what we’ll do…all part of it. The anticipation of what will be, what we’ll see, what taste, smell.

And, well, that’s life, to, right? A journey, a trip that goes on through time. Perhaps we don’t move far away from home. Or maybe we never strive to be the president of the company. But, we’re always on a journey.

So, just three simple questions to pose for some reflection and discussion…..

………what are you preparing for? Where is your journey taking you in the near future? And, where is one place it’s taken you that you never that you’d go?

be blessed

Photo Credit: https://az616578.vo.msecnd.net/files/responsive/embedded/any/desktop/2016/03/04/6359265972226693102109023490_packed-car.jpg

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