Who’s More Mature-You or Kids?

I do wonder at times who is more mature, me or my kids. I’m not speaking of physical maturity or even emotional maturity. No. But I am speaking of spiritual maturity. Seriously, I wonder. Even in the order of the world as we are full on into this political season in the States, I wonder if perhaps my kids have a far better perspective than I do. I wonder how much of the world do we take on the older we get. My kids, when they were younger (or even now a days), were completely fearless. Part of it may be naivety or ignorance of the height of the bridge or tree, or the huge mean animal.But they were fearless nonetheless. As time has gone on, they have become more fearful.

Or take their outlook on the different races in our society. They didn’t see color, they simply saw people. Everyone was different, of course, but color wasn’t a descriptor. Or look at wealth. Maybe the other family had a nicer car or more toys, but it wasn’t noticed by my kids. They were simply other people who had different stuff than we did.

The older they have gotten, the more difference they have begun to notice. In some cases it was a celebratory “oh there’s so much diversity” as in new things to learn. But in other cases, unfortunately, there has been the “I wish we were like them” or “what’s wrong with them” mentality that has infiltrated their innocence. The latter two make me sad, and at times frustrates me. Future post topic, I suppose….

Anyhow, back to spiritual maturity.

Iris and I pray with the kids every night. For the most part, it’s pretty normal, standard prayers-keep us safe, give us a good night’s rest, sweet dreams, good day tomorrow, etc. But one of our kids prays the most sincere, honest, from the heart, raw prayers every single night.

 Dear God, thank you for joy, faith, hope, laughter, love, peace in our hearts and all those things you’ve given us. I pray tomorrow is better than today and that we can laugh more and have more peace. Give us more money so we can buy the things we need and help other people that need stuff. Give us a good night. Amen.

There’s also this one….

Dear God, Thank you for all the things you’ve given us. Thank you for all the things you will give us. Let all the things you will give us be good to us. Let all the things you’ve given us be in your hands, let all the things you will give us be in your hands, and let us always be in your hands. Amen.

Now, before you think I’m just bragging about my kids, I’m not. My kids are not the only ones I’ve experienced this with. But, I have obviously spent the mos time with mine. I often will listen to their prayers and think how incredibly simple and true they are. And then I think how complex I have made my life. How complex I’ve made my prayers. How complex I’ve made my relationships with others and most importantly with God. I know there are other factors involved, people involved, adult life things that happen that we have to also work through and engage with. But children tend to look through all of that and see God there. “Of course we should be thankful; Or course He give us joy; Of course everything is from Him.”

So, nothing earth shattering here. Nothing incredible. I just find myself, often, wondering what I can learn from these little people living in my house. What am I missing out on that they get and are a part of? What part of God does my adult mind full of all the distractions of life, not see? Maybe you’re wondering the same thing. Perhaps, we need to spend a little more time simply looking at life from their perspective. And perhaps, one of the best things we can do, is simply spend time with them just listening to their conversations with the Father of Heavenly Lights. What a different place this might be if we lived more like them.

When was the last time you though like a child? How would your world change if you began to think with a child’s perspective on God? If you have though this way before, how did it change your view of God’s presence?

be blessed today



 Photo Credity: http://true-hw.com/blog/2014/06

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