Becoming More Human

I wish I was perfect. Body, mind, emotions, spirit. I really do wish that. Well, at least sometimes I wish I was. It seems to me that it would make life a lot more liveable. A lot easier. I could be wrong and probably am, but I do wish I was perfect. There are some good qualities about me. I’m tall. I’m likeable (at least I think I am). I like to have fun, but I also like the peace and quiet of solitude. I like to help and I like to get things done. I think I’m a good public speaker and I think I’m creative. I’m sure there are other qualities about me, but I think this is a good list for now.

I think we each, no matter who we are, we each have a list of qualities about us that are good. Qualities that people can say something good about us. Perhaps I’m naive but I really believe that. There are things abut us that are a part of who we are. The ideas we have, opinions we hold based off of beliefs and experiences we have endured. We each have a different life experience from any other person on the planet no matter if you are from the same race, city, neighborhood or family as another person. We each experience the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual world at least slightly different than the other person in the room. Collectively, we make up the human existence. If we are followers of Jesus, and Jesus alone, collectively we are the Body of Christ….the Bride of Christ, we’re called.

Some of us are on the “privileged” side of race, gender and/or economic privilege. And others of us tread the water of disadvantage. Some have great self awareness and some don’t even understand that concept. The list goes on but we are all collectively human. We learn from each other. From each others wisdom, mistakes, successes and failures. We learn from each others  vulnerability or lack there of. Whether it is “I also want to do that” or a “that’s not how I want to live my life,” we learn from each other.

We are not perfect nor will we be this side of heaven. Adam and Eve, they were not perfect. Yet they had an incredible communion with God. Being able to walk in the garden of Eden with Him, allowing His hand to hold theirs, His arm to be around them while they strolled throughout the orchards, forests, ponds…whatever the garden contained. Sitting by the bank skipping stones, feet dangling off the branch of the willow, simply being together.

I was reflecting on a thought I had once…or perhaps I heard it from someone else. Ya, that’s actually more likely. So, the other day, I was reflecting on a thought I heard from someone else. The thought was that as we become more like Christ, we are actually becoming more human. We are becoming more like God had originally intended us to be, before Adam sinned, before Eve sinned. Before the whole place got messed up. He’s calling us to become more like that. Memories of a stroll at sunset, birds chirping, the brook babbling near by as He and Adam just walked and talked. That part of humanity has gotten lost along the way. The relationship broke, the sweetness of it all shattered when the fall came and Adam and Eve were banished. Ever since then, Jesus coming, dying and the promise of His coming again, all of that has been to help us get back to that relationship we once collectively had.

We are all human beings. We all, all 7 billion of us or so, we all have something to offer each other because it is part of our humanness. When we are vulnerable with each other, honest with ourselves and each other, we offer so much of what God originally intended. People being people how God had intended this life to be lived. We are not perfect and we won’t be this side of heaven. But one glimpse, perhaps even a fleeting moment, is when we are humanizing each other by allowing ourselves to fully show up to one another.Allowing ourselves to be truly seen by another. Allowing ourselves to stop talking and listen to another. To try to put ourselves in the place of another, that is becoming more human. That is becoming more of what once was. God is in those moments, in those sacred times of allowing who we are to be seen. In those moments we see how much God loves us and how much we need Him. How much we need the Body.

May we do that today.

May I do that today.

Be Blessed.

So, what about you? What has your experience been like when you have shown up? When others have shown up? What has been your experience when you allowed yourself to be human to another person? I’d love to be apart of hearing your story. It allows us all to become more human and more of what Heaven will be like.

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