Is The Goal To “Be Awesome”?

At our children’s school, they have after school activities. Among soccer(football), chess club, tennis, and math athletes there is the “Be More Awesome Club.” The purpose is to do things and learn things to become more awesome. The premise is cool-do cool interactive experiments, make fire, mix chemicals together, learn how an airplane can fly so fast, etc. I like it. The idea to “Be Awesome” is a coming trend the past couple years.

Last week, a friend of mine posted this quote:

Be Awesome, Be Extraordinary, You’re Exceptional…All false statements the world wants us to believe and we wonder why so many people are unhappy today. Today I want to be an ordinary guy , with an ordinary marriage, have ordinary kids, work an ordinary job and live an ordinary life…I’ll let Jesus be extraordinary.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last few days. In the past, followers of Christ whom I greatly respect have spoken things over me. I’ve seen this in the church and have experienced my friends being spoken over. Usually those who are speaking will simply say “I see this and this, but, pray over this and filter this through other wise followers of Christ to see if this is something God is saying or not.” For me, often these words are encouraging, edifying, and are Truth. Filtering this through other people you respect in the Word and deed is wise and is the biblical model for taking such prophecies.

In my own life I have done this. My struggle, and I do mean struggle, is that I begin to focus on those things spoken over me and less and less on Christ. This feeds my addiction/dysfunction of control. “If I’m more awesome,” my logic goes, “then I will get more attention, which means more opportunity, which means more credibility, which means a more comfortable, accepting life,” and on it goes. Again, my dysfunctional logic at times.

The problem is that to “be awesome”  all the time in the world’s eyes requires nothing short of living as God every single moment of every single breath of every single day. Simply. Not. Possible. If this was the case and we could really do this, we’re no longer earthen jars holding a great treasure. We are no longer having weaknesses where God can show Himself strong. We are no longer fallen beings in a fallen world requiring a Savior.

We are a royal priesthood. We’re told that. We are also to be like Christ in being servants in our roles and positions here. My kids are awesome. Not because they do anything that the world may look at them and think they are. They’re awesome because, in my eyes, they are. I tell them that everyday. In fact, my daughter has an “awesome quota” where I’m only allowed to tell her she is awesome 3 times a day..max. We are awesome because we are God’s children. Not because we are doing anything to earn it. Not because we are trying to “be awesome.” He simply believes we are because we are His creation. We are His children.

I hope I’m still looked at as cool (at lest by my kids) for a few more years. And, perhaps do some “awesome” things (which Iris others may look at as reckless :). But, I do know that I can not try to attain to be awesome. For someone who is driven, constantly trying to move myself and others forward, being “ordinary” is incredibly hard. Harder than my fallen self can do. I need supernatural strength to not only do the impossible God asks of me, but also the difficult task of being ordinary. Being a person who is dependent on God…..and lives as such. Simply be His, be ordinary…that’s being awesome.


What about you, what do you think about that quote? Is ordianry considered “bad” or “negative”? Os Guinness and Brother Lawrence both, along with many others, remind us that it is in the ordinary/mundane moments we often have a hard time seeing/hearing God’s presence. Yet most of our lives are lived in these moments. Does that resonate with you? In what way or why would you disagree? When we share we help grow each other, I’d love to hear your experience!


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