A Day of Perspective

I sadly admit that this doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I won’t say “as much as it should” because “should” can become a shaming word pretty quickly, and blind me from the grace I receive from Christ. However, I admit that I don’t always look at each day as a day of opportunity. There are some days where I am so beat down or defeated, that I’ve already lost the day. No matter what happens that day, it’s all bad, negative, horrible or frustrating.

There are seasons that I go through. Some seem so incredibly fruitful, effective or transformational. Other seasons seem as though I’m just spinning my wheels, wasting my time or just plain hard. Though those times should be evaluated to see if I am wasting my time, usually it’s because I don’t see what may be going on under the surface within and around me. With the transition that we’ve gone through from Russia to here, I have found myself often wondering “why?”

About a month or so ago, I finished reading through a book by Warren Wiersbe entitled “The Bumps Are What You Climb On.” Great little daily read. He was expounding on the last part of Revelation 19:6, “Alleluia: The Lord God omnipotent reigns.” His main point in this particular chapter is that God’s wrath can be poured out at any given moment. Natural disasters, terminal illnesses, mass killings, war, all of these things are part of the fallen world in which we live. If God really wanted to fully pour out His wrath, such as on the people as God shut the door on the ark with Noah’s family safely inside, He simply has to think or speak the wrath into existence. In the book of Revelation, we see the judgement of God being poured out. Let’s face it, I’m sure worse could be done than what we are told about.

Yet…and this is where the hope comes in…Yet, He hasn’t poured out His wrath today. He hasn’t poured out the wrath that we read about in Revelation just yet. Wiersbe’s encouragement is that if today isn’t a day of wrath, then the opposite is true.Today is a day of salvation. If today is not a day of hopelessness- His wrath already being poured out, then today is a day of grace-compassion-blessing-filled opportunity. Today is a day of SALVATION! John, records seeing this great multitude in heaven, knowing full well the power of God and his wrath…..AND they are saying Alleluia, The omnipotent Lord God reigns.” These are a people who understand what a day of wrath is and what a day of salvation is.

So, yesterday I chose to believe and live as if it were a day of salvation. I chose to live as if everything put in my path was an opportunity to show grace, love, compassion encouragement and blessing. Though I didn’t chose it in every moment, I think I did more than usual. And it was a blessing.

That thought, the very notion that today is a day of salvation…whoa, how powerful is that? A day He has given to show His beauty, and glory, and delight and joy. It puts things a bit more into perspective. Hopefully, I’ll be able to chose to do the same tomorrow. How about you?

Have you ever chosen to live a day or moment as a time of salvation? What happened? How did you feel? What did you learn? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear your story!


2 thoughts on “A Day of Perspective

  1. Grace, love, compassion encouragement and blessing to you my friend. I just blogged today about the Harvest and the lack of workers. You are the compassion side of those verses. You one of the few that gives me hope. Thank you.


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